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Corner modern fireplace with integrated Bulgarian combustion chamber

Recessed corner fireplace with built-in Bulgarian wood burning chamber of g-shaped wood;
- Bulgarian combustion chamber Model d-shaped 700 with right side glass - 15 kW;
- combustion chamber door sliding upward - vertical lift (type of open fireplace);
- dimensions of combustion chamber 700/280/500 h 540;
- flue flue F 200 / primary air Ф 80;
- plinth and base stone "Limestone";
- lower top, pages and upper top of natural stone "Limestone";
- Veil with vertical limbs type "Limestone"
- hole under wood burning chamber;

It is a good thing when you are looking to look at types of fireplaces for the home for heating purposes - be aware that you can not buy a ready-made one.

Every fireplace that is high quality and works efficiently - economically made to order.

Does that mean the dimensions? are consistent with the space that needs to be heated.
For information on prices and terms for construction and installation send a request to:
e-mail: kamini.evrostandart@gmail.com

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Modern corner fireplace for embedding

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