Materials for cladding

Materials for cladding

Materials for cladding of fireplaces – integrated installation of combustion chambers
After all major component of your fireplace have been specified – what combustion chamber will be used, dimensions, using or not a water jacket – it is time for the more pleasant part – the cladding.                                                                                                                                                                  We offer a wide variety of claddings – a new material, which is a hit among the cladding materials, are the terracotta and ceramic tiles.                                                                                                               Find out about some of the more traditional and more interesting opportunities that you have. Eventually, we will be happy to help you clarify your idea and choose the most appropriate solution. We know that this is important for the general look of the room and for its atmosphere.

Fireplace claddings with bones

Fireplace claddings from decorative stone. This is the most classical solution that you could resort to. This type of cladding brings great wellbeing and creates a very warm and pleasant atmosphere. If you are keen on this material, but wold not go for so much classical look of the fireplace, we can design a model for you which is made of bricks coloured differently. Most frequently, customers want to have the whole cladding painted white, but there are other options, too.

Claddings from marble or granite slabs. This is another classical option. The diversity of natural stones to choose from is huge here and each one of them has its own distinctive look. Before making a decision, we advise you to consult an interior designer or – even better – a specialist at Eurostandard.

Fireplace claddings from limestone slabs. A great idea for an interior where everything is made from natural materials. These types of cladding have a very elegant standing, without imposing themselves, and, if no other element is added, they do not become an accent of the interior. They simply attach warm and calm feeling to the room.

Claddings – a new, less standard solution are the various kinds of terracotta tiles. This type of cladding is the ideal way to use the ceramic tiles that you like a lot but which are terribly expensive to install all over the kitchen. Our specialists can offer various variants and combinations of colours and patterns. Or if you already have an idea of what you would like to get, we will be happy to follow it.

Cladding – a new, practical and exotic solution are glass tiles.  

Regardless of the type of glass tiles you will choose, with them your fireplace will become the centre of the room. They are a great solution for people who love the soft light of fire. Its gleams will be reflected in the tiles and will light pleasantly the entire room. This type of cladding is very suitable for designer fireplaces.

Claddings combining various materials. This too is a common solution. The unique look of the fireplace depends on the materials to be combined. Stone and wood, glass tiles and wood, metal and natural stone or wood – there are plenty of combinations.

How to choose the most appropriate fireplace cladding?

May be you already know exactly what you want. That would be great and if it suits all technical requirements related to the construction of the fireplace, we will be happy to fulfil your wish.

Fireplace claddings                                                                                                                                         If you are not certain which fireplace cladding is the most appropriate, place your trust with us. We will offer you a combustion chamber, fireplace style and cladding materials, which will make a perfect match. We will consider the surface area of the room in which the fireplace will be installed. We will take into consideration the light, and the height of the ceilings, and, naturally, the overall interior solution of the home or the room.                                                                                        Get in touch with us to arrange a review and a preliminary conversation. After we have taken the necessary measurements and we are clear about your tastes and preferences, we will be able to offer you fireplace claddings – a new, modern or more traditional solution. Trust us –Eurostandard Company!

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