French fireboxes

French fireboxes

French combustion chambers – classic, efficiency, cosiness

What is a fireboxes ?

A fireplace usually consists of two parts: external, which is actually called “fireplace” and rather has an aesthetic function, and internal – the combustion chamber, in which the fuel is placed and the fire is started. In terms of modes, dimensions, and additional functions, it is of fundamental importance for the efficient heating of your home. Therefore, it is very important what combustion chamber you will choose. We advise you not to make purchases before consulting a specialist.

What combustion chambers we offer

We from Fireplaces Eurostandard Company offer Bulgarian and French combustion chambers of unique quality. Our long-time partner has been Cheminees Diffusion – a wold renowned French manufacturer of fireplaces, combustion chambers and stoves using solid fuel. Therefore, we can easily guarantee the quality and good appearance of all models that we offer.

The main characteristics of the French combustion chambers that we recommend and deliver are:

·         made of cast iron;

·         models with dual burning;

·         a lifting mechanism;

·         adjustment of the draught and initial air flow;

·         a large inbuilt ash tray.

The various models of French combustion chambers have numerous additional options, for example, a deflector plate for fire interruption, a possibility to dismantle the bottom of the chamber from the outside, etc.

We also have models with exceptionally simple design and with basic functions only. You can even get them at price which is lower than the price of Bulgarian combustion chambers with more options. If you seek functionality and practicality above all, you will most probably choose the Bulgarian products.

Lovers of design, however, will certainly be fascinated by the models equipped with French combustion chambers. They do look stunning. Even the appearance of the smallest elements has been considered. Luxury and elegance are somehow naturally associated with French people. That is why if you are looking for a fireplace intended for a larger space, with an elegant and impressing appearance, you may choose the chromium-plated French combustion chamber with gold-plated door, for example. Naturally, this style comes at a price, but it is definitely worthwhile. Especially if you want to install a fireplace in the lobby or the restaurant of a luxurious hotel. It will certainly make impression, create atmosphere and provide warmth for your guests.

Why should I use French combustion chambers?

Whether a combustion chamber is appropriate for a particular room depends on a number of factors:

·         dimensions of the room and the chamber;

·         power;

·         functions of the room and functions of the fireplace (some customers need a fireplace more as a decoration than as an efficient heating appliance);

·         model;

·         method of opening.

All models of French combustion chambers that we offer come with a 5-year warranty period. Their workmanship is of high quality, and their appearance is perfect. Still, this does not make them automatically suitable for your home. In order to make a good buy, i.e. to achieve optimal balance between quality and price, you should consult any of our specialists. Remember that you are making a long-term acquisition, on which your heating costs will depend to a large extent.

How to order a French combustion chamber to Fireplaces Eurostandard

Please go to the sector for French combustion chambers and review the offered models. You will get oriented quickly about their main functions which are described below the photos. Next to each photo, there is a button for sending an inquiry or placing an order directly. Write to us if you need additional information about a particular model, if you want to order it or if you need advice about the models to look at in general.

After the professionals from out team have become familiar with the parameters of the room for which you need a fireplace, and with your requirements, they will assist you in making the best choice.

To us, the quality of the offered products, professionalism and customer satisfaction are of vital importance. The warmth of your home is our concern, get in touch with us to discuss what exactly you need.

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