СРОК ЗА ИЗРАБОТКА 30 РАБОТНИ ДНИ Combined fireplace for the installation of wood and pellets Fireplaces of pellets

The company "Kamini Eurostandart Ltd." will launch in series production a combined Bulgarian combustion chamber for incorporation of wood, wood briquettes and pellets with water jacket from 5 to 25 kW, complying with the requirements of the European Union (BDS EN 13229).
When operating the pellet stove, the management and maintenance of the combustion process is done by means of a built-in microcomputer system using a large Led display in Bulgarian, powered by the electric grid and consuming a negligible amount of electricity.
THE COMBINED BULGARIAN FUEL FIREPLACE AND PELLETS is the best convenience for your savings because it allows double use of two fuels in one combustion chamber and one chimney:
- When set to work on firewood, it creates the whole atmosphere of a traditional fireplace.
- The pellet burner can be programmed to turn on and off at the desired time, creating more comfort for your wishes. A 45kg bunker. pellets.
Environmentally friendly, high efficiency and efficiency, with low levels of commitment and service.
The combined combustion chamber is designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art biomass heating concepts that are environmentally friendly. Provides coziness and warmth with minimal service time. The fuel process runs completely automated without the need for constant supervision and recharging.
The combined Bulgarian combustion chamber can be equipped with a set of high quality products for your heating system:
- High efficiency circulating pump "Grundfos"
- Membrane closed expansion vessel "Elbi"
- Thermostatic safety valve with temperature sensor "CALEFFI"
- Capillary thermometer 0-120 C, 0 - 4 Bar;
- Safety valve 3 bars;
- Automatic venting valve;

Biomass / wood fireplace fireplace.
Designed to use different fuels.
The main fuel used by the fireplace is pellets, wood, wood briquettes, but also dry stones, as well as dried corn can also be used. The stones and corn can be burned in small relative amounts up to a maximum of 15% of the mass of the main fuel and necessarily mixed with it.

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Krum Kyulyavkov 25-В
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0889 / 455,222
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Combined fireplace for the installation of wood and pellets

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