СРОК ЗА ИЗРАБОТКА 30 РАБОТНИ ДНИ English style fireplace - Classic

English style fireplace

- Bulgarian Fuel Chamber Pro PANEL 700 - 15kW;
- Vertically opening the door;
- Lining - English style "natural limestone stone";
- Completion stage - to drywall.

For more information, contact us through the published contacts on our site.

The fireplace is suitable for wall mounting. Its unique radiance gives the room a sophisticated style.

It can heat large rooms, and a lifting door up allows it to be used as an open hearth.

The main styles of the various fireplaces are classic, English, modern, baroque, rustic, boutique.
Another important detail to keep in mind is the size of the fireplace. If you live in a spacious house, you can bet on a large fireplace with an air shirt that will take center stage in your huge living room. As a primary accent, it should be effective enough regardless of the particular style. Different fireplaces can satisfy just that, making it the most important element in your home.

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English style fireplace - Classic

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