Coin for a fireplace

The combustion chamber is designed to burn wood only. Everything else is forbidden!

The mandatory height of the chimney is at least 4-6 meters - a requirement for good thrust. When the fireplace is in the house, the chimney must end with a hat attached. Firmware Fireplaces Eurostandart Ltd offers Schiedel chimney systems - stainless steel and ceramic models with modules - Ceramic condensate drainage element> Ventilation grid> Cleaning door> Pipe with hole for cleaning door> Ceramic bonding pipe> Smoke vent pipe channel under 45 and 90 degrees> Front insulation panel> UNI Plus chimney> Reinforcing arm> Ventilation duct> Heat insulation> UNI Plus ceramic pipe> UNI Plus chimney> UNI Final chimney> Thermal insulation ends 8 cm from the top on the chimney> opencast plate and Output cone. For optimal combustion, the humidity of the splinters should not be higher than 20%. In addition, it is necessary to know that the use of wet billets leads to soiling with soot, some of which adhere to the inside of the glass (ie the glass will become smudged faster). To avoid the risk of chimney flare, due to the accumulation of deposits on the pipes, you must engage a qualified person to clean the chimney at least once a year in the case of continuous use, especially if you keep the fire to a low level. Cleaning with chemicals is not recommended. If you still use such substances, they must be specially designed for this purpose and only be applied after mechanical cleaning of the chimney.