СРОК ЗА ИЗРАБОТКА 30 РАБОТНИ ДНИ Barbecue in the kitchen

Barbecue in the kitchen

- Metal hearth for installation with internal lining vermiculite brick shape, located in a corner;
- Dimensions of combustion chamber: width 700 / depth 500 / door height 500;
- Charcoal grilled charcoal;
- Chimney f200;
- Lower countertop and back marble "Sivets";
- Top and foreheads around the hearth of white marble "Rosso Verona";
- The base was also dressed with shaped gneiss;
- Grate for residual heat in the veil;
- Two worktops with sink;
- A niche under a fireplace for firewood;

For questions about the project as well as for an individual project, contact us using the "Contacts" section of our site.
The barbecue is installed as part of the kitchen furniture. It can also be installed in the shed or in the tavern.
The food cooked on the embers has a unique taste. Every home needs a barbecue. Do not hesitate and order!
Take a look at the proposals of Eurostandard Fireplaces. Schedule a few barbecue models and contact us to make a project and quote, as well as the necessary calculations, and to provide you with the best solution.

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Barbecue in the kitchen

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