СРОК ЗА ИЗРАБОТКА 30 РАБОТНИ ДНИ Barbecue in the corner

Barbecue in the corner

- Vermiculite lined brick hearth;
- Chimney flue f200;
- Built-in ashtray;
- Fire place under fire;
- Large worktop on both sides of the barbecue;
- Grill for residual heat;
- Fireproof wadding and AquaPanel sheathing;
- Multicolor marble sub countertop;
- Stage of completion - to plasterboard without putty, paint and decorative stone.

For an individual project and offer, contact us by phone or request an email.

The barbecue is suitable for installation in open spaces, such as a summer kitchen, sheds or a separate room to a house for this purpose.

How to choose the best barbecue lining?
You may know in advance what you want. This is great and if it matches all the technicalities involved in building a barbecue, we will gladly fulfill your wish.

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Barbecue in the corner

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