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Fireplaces Eurostandard LTD Company was established in 2005 and has been patented as Fireplaces EUROSTANDARD TRADEMARK (ТМ). The main activities of the Company include the manufacture of Bulgarian combustion chambers and stone cladding materials for fireplaces. The services which our team provides cover the entire manufacturing process, including the design, production, and installation of fireplaces. As additional service, we offer the manufacture of flooring, table tops and columns from marble and granite, as well as chimneys made from concrete and ceramics.

What types of fireplaces we offer an

Fireplaces Eurostandard LTD Company

d how to choose the model which suits you best?

We produce all types of fireplaces included in the catalogue, by individual design or order of the customer. Look at our design section to review the models we have made until now or read more about the differences among the various models of fireplaces: classical, French, designer or open fireplace, etc.


We use Bulgarian and French combustion chambers. For cladding purposes, we usually use marble, granite, travertine and other types of natural stone. If required by the interior of the premises, we offer the customer more modern cladding – from ceramics, glass, polished metal and stainless steel.

Our consultants and designers will help you to choose the appropriate fireplace for your room. For this purpose, the size of the room must be taken into consideration. If the room is large, we recommend selecting a fireplace which would make the centre of the room and setting up entertainment and recreation places around it. In case that the room is small, the most important thing is to take accurately the measurements of the fireplace which will be made for this room. This would ensure that the fireplace is not too large or heating the room too much, which would make it costly to keep and uncomfortable to use. 

Fireplaces Eurostandard LTD Company The fireplace design matters, too. You know that a fireplace is installed to warm the home for many years. Therefore, its style is very important. It must fit well in the interior of the premises. At the same time, it must be sufficiently simple, so that in case you choose to replace all of the furniture, the fireplace remains as a natural element of the new interior.

A more modest budget does not mean a more modest design. Go through as many as possible interior and decoration magazines, consult our specialists and you will definitely find an efficient and less costly solution.

Fireplaces Eurostandard LTD Company However, efficiency is more important than design. The Eurostandard team creates models of combustion chambers for fireplaces which provide warmth in your home and help you to cut your heating costs.

What the advantages from using a fireplace for heating?

Economical and efficient heating.

If the fireplace was a symbol of luxury in the past, today it is a practical heating solution. A good quality combustion chamber equipped with an air or water jacket, combined with the air heating systems available on the market, will cut significantly on your bills, and your entire home will be warm.

Adds cosiness and atmosphere


Burning fire has always given cosiness and atmosphere to the room. It does not matter if you will choose an open fireplace, classical or masonry fireplace or a model of unique and designer appearance. Your entire family gathers around it. If installed in a hotel lobby, guests prefer having a short rest around it. A restaurant table by the fireplace is always preferred to the other ones.

It increases the value of the home and makes it more desirable

According to statistics, 1 in 5 persons buying a flat/house prefer to have a residence with a fireplace, despite its higher price.

How much is the price of the property increased? By 12%.

Project design – why entrust it to Eurostandard

High quality of performance and a complete service package – from the design to the installation.

Our designers continuously develop and improve their skills. They keep track of modern trends in the design of fireplaces and are capable of creating models with excellent balance between modern and classical.

Fireplaces Eurostandard Company has excellent manufacturing facilities in the city of Sofia.

After it has been designed, each fireplace is created individually. We do not use a production line, which allows us to consider the particular features of each installation space.  

We use Bulgarian and French combustion chambers. Most of our master workers performing the installation and cladding of your combustion chamber have more than 15 years of professional experience.

Various cladding materials.

We use wide varieties of natural stone: gneiss, marble limestone, limestone, onyx, travertine, marble, granite. When required, we also offer modern materials – glass, ceramics, stainless steel and other.

We comply with your requirement sand taste.

Our vast experience in the field of fireplaces for integrated installation has taught us to detect promptly the taste of each customer and to offer a design and product which would be enjoyed and will heat efficiently the customer’s home.  

Entrust your fireplace order to us. Contact us to discuss the details. We guarantee your satisfaction!


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